The ONLY Smoke Detectors in the world with built-in high-intensity LED Pointer to lead you to safety!

Our SG series are the first fire/smoke detectors using both a photoelectric sensor and a heat sensor coupled with a high-intensity LED cannon built into the units.  When the SG units are activated, they immediately begin to project a pre-targeted high-intensity LED beam to a door, stairwell or other exit point or path selected when the units are installed.
  L.I.F.E. Smoke Detector with LED

Design features of SG-5550™

  • Adjustable hi-intensity LED light points to a pre-determined exit
  • Photoelectric sensor detects smoldering fire/smoke
  • Heat sensor detects fire
  • Sound level of siren (horn) is 100+ dB
  • Green and red LEDs confirm AC and/or DC power
  • Easy to install on wall or ceiling
  • Low-battery warning
  • Built-in Test Button
  • Hard wired (with rechargeable battery back-up) with inter-connectivity capabilities
  • Built-in Trickle Charger
  • Power supply automatically detects either 110v or 230v
  • Components moisture- and corrosion-resistant

These amazing devices have the potential of not only saving hundreds, if not thousands, of lives, but greatly reducing the panic that people experience when finding themselves in a life-threatening situation.