The fire that changed everything.

The Fire That Changed Everything” is a 114 page paperback book with color images, written by Russell Ashe.

It has Number ISBN 978-0-615-43311-0 in the Library of Congress.

Russell Ashe is a 20 year veteran of the fire service and is currently a Captain with the Barre City Fire Department in Barre City, Vermont. In the Conclusion of his book, Captain Ashe wrote the following paragraph: is yet another site that you should spend some time at. This site is for a company that is, in my opinion, on the cutting edge of our safety and devoted to the same. Now, before any of the critiques start accusing me of being biased toward this particular company, let me just set the record straight, I absolutely am. I believe that these folks, though new, have got the best ideas out there and are putting all their efforts into making them a reality. They are a company and as such, need to make money. Yet this is not what drives them. They are driven by a true desire to make our lives better by making them safer. In the years to come, the ideas that they have fostered will appear in other companies all over the world.