L.I.F.E. Support Technologies LLC

L.I.F.E. - LED Indicator Fire Evacuation - We are the first and only company to have developed a fully patented evacuation system that, when our SG-5500 smoke dectectors are activated, by either of it's dual sensors, also has a powerful LED light cannon which points a beam of light to a pre-selected "point of exit" from a room which may be filling with smoke.

The patented Life-Support-Technologies SG-5500 series of smoke detectors use both photoelectric and heat sensors, working independently of one another. When either of our SG-5500 smoke dectectors sensors are activated, the LED light cannon is also activated converting our SG-5500 smoke dectectors into evacuation units.

Not only are our dual sensored SG-5500's the BEST devices for detecting FIRE and SMOKE but they are the first interior evacuation systems designed to assist you, and your loved ones, to safely exit endangered structures.