Eric (Erez) Atzmon

Eric (Erez) Atzmon  - Executive Vice President / Marketing

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Eric (Erez) Atzmon  - Executive Vice President / Marketing
L.I.F.E. Support Technologies®, LLC

Personal Biography – Eric (Erez) Atzmon

Over the past 25 years, Eric has been a professional businessman on three continents, working for small to large corporations, including being an entrepreneur, starting his own business and running it successfully for the past 8 years.

At the begininng of his career, Eric spent 15 years in the corporate world, building a chain of outlet stores for a large Israeli clothing manufacturer, and then moved to the insurance world where he made a successful career as a marketing and sales manager.

During this same time he completed his BA in economics from Haifa University , and an MBA from the reputable Reccanati School of Business at Tel Aviv Univeristy, where he also attended the highly-regarded Wharton-Reccanati International Marketing seminar. Having aquired his MBA, he started lecturing at the Israeli branch of the Derby University (out of Derby UK), teaching BA and MBA students various marketing, advertizing and business courses.

In his current position as the president of a West Coast marketing and advertising agency, Eric has proven, once again, his ability to start a business “from scratch”, outlining the course of action and following it through to success. Currently he has two working branches grossing over $125K per month and a new small business in the infancy stages.

Throughout his career, Eric has proven to be a highly effective team player who always meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of diverse and demanding business environments. He is experienced in absorbing technical as well as non-technical information while quickly producing results in new work environments.