Dr.Sam Lax - Founder

Dr.Sam Lax - Founder

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Dr. Sam Lax
L.I.F.E. Support Technologies®, LLC

Dr. Lax is a Life Member of the Southern California Academy of Science, a Charter Life Member of the Graphic Products Association, Founder of the United States Engraving Guild, a Sustaining Member of the American Society of Metals, a Patron Member of the Los Angeles County museum of Art, a member of the Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America (now called the Manufacturing Jewelers and Suppliers of America), the Jewelry Institute and the International Precious Metals Institute.  He’s listed in “Who’s Who in California”, and is a Guild Member of the Professional Picture Framers’ Guild and a Life Member of the National Association of Colored People.  Dr. Lax is also a registered apiarist (beekeeper) in the State of California (-1-672; issued 10/23/1950) and has been cleared by the California State Justice Department and the United States Justice Department as a Collateral Lender (pawnbroker).  He also collects teddy bears.

Sam Lax was born many years ago in Los Angeles and has spent the years since indulging his curiosity.  He takes his curiosity very seriously.

An appreciation of wildlife led to photography of wildlife, and this led to a career as a professional photographer.  One thing led to another, and jewelry design and engraving were the next items on the list of things to be conquered.

During his photographer days, Sam noticed the tendency for jewelry to be designed not for the wearer, but for the designer.  Feeling that this caused a sameness, a lack of individuality in the designs, Sam wanted to create new designs that would reflect the personality of the wearer and have a connection with the issues and events that affect peoples’ lives.  So he set out to do just that, and has since created the MUNTU® Symbol, the Jewish Heirlooms™ collection and the Odyssey Collection™ (an astrological jewelry collection based upon not the constellations but on the planets and the gods who ruled them), among many others.

The jewelry is only a part of what happens in Dr. Lax’s studio/workshop/compound.  His desire to know as much as possible about the various aspects of his craft has led him to become one of the most versatile engravers in the country, working in metal, plastic and glass and with more manual brass lettering styles than anyone else in the nation.

Having earned his Ph.D. in Metallurgical Sciences in 1962, Dr. Lax graduated from ITT Technical Institute in Sylmar, CA in June 2001 with an Applied Science degree in Computer Network Systems.  Now he plans to pursue additional degrees in the computer/multi-media world and will strive for another Doctorate degree.  In May of 2003, Dr. Lax learned that he had passed his exam and was now an MCP (Microsoft Certified Professional).

Dr. Sam Lax is a tenacious idealist who cares deeply about the world in which he lives.  He believes everything can change for the better and is working to prove it.