Roger Johnson

Roger Johnson

former Indiana State Fire Marshall

Roger D. Johnson is a state-certified firefighting tactics instructor, inspector and prevention specialist, having begun his fire service career in 1963 as a wildland firefighter for the Indiana Department of Natural Resource.

Johnson served as a firefighter and instructor before being named Chief of the East Columbus Fire Department in 1974. Johnson spent 18 years as a firefighter at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway during the Indianapolis 500.

For 22 years, Johnson was employed by Elkhart Brass Mfg., a major producer of firefighter nozzles and appliances, based in Elkhart, Ind. Then in February, 2005, he was appointed by Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels as Indiana’s state fire marshal, heading the Division of Fire and Building Safety.

The state fire marshal’s office investigates suspicious fires, promotes fire prevention education among children, enforces fire codes and provides support for local departments during fires and hazardous material situations.

The state fire marshal also oversees a central building and fire inspections unit, handles all emergency medical and fire certifications, and assumes functions of the emergency medical director. Johnson’s first priority as marshal was to promote increased training and safety among Indiana’s 27,000 volunteer and career firefighters, including the creation of a state academy.

Roger Johnson has recently stepped down as the state fire marshal to take a job with Gov. Mitch Daniels' reelection campaign.